Red Poodles:    

Fall 2016
Prissy is a smaller standard poodle, but larger than Moyen.  She is a good solid red, but somewhat faded.  You might note that she has her full tale (all our puppies have 1/3 of their tales removed).  Prissy is the most affectionate dog we have - likes all people.  She is also a pack dog who enjoys the company of the other standards.  She was originally slated to be a therapy dog because of her friendly personality.

Spring 2016
Scully is big sweet and loving.  The red just will not stop.  She was expensive but I wanted a dark red poodle.  However, when I looked for a good mate for her, I decided to rethink this breeding.  She has some interbreeding to set her wonderful color, so I decided to do a wide outcross to make sure the puppies are healthy.  I am going to try Garner so that we get red puppies, but I doubt there will be any parti pups.
Parti Poodles:

December 2015
Omega is one of my favorite dogs.  I drove around New Hampshire to get her and took her to Hartwell for her first breeding, we have spent some time together.  She is the alpha female and keeps the other dogs in line.  She is very intelligent and a bit willful.  She can chew through a chain length fence to chase a dear.  She is a good mother who trains her puppies well.  As a brown parti, she produced all brown parti in her first litter.  With Garner, there should be 1/2 brown and black partis.  Expect strong healthy puppies.
  Abby Abby is one of Omega's puppies that came back to us.  Like her mother she is big.  She is a brown parti like her mother and also like her mother should produce black and brown parti pups when matted to Garner.  Abby is all about play and affection (this is what happens when a puppy is raised by Lisa).
Our Boy
Garner is a good sized standard about 50 lbs.  He has good red, parti markings.  For us, he has great genes.  We have two red females (Prissy and Scully) and two brown partis Abby and Omega.  Garner brings the red genes so we will get red puppies, and he has the parti gene so we can obtain parti puppies.  Finally, he is brown factored which will give us brown dogs.  We should get brown and black parti poodles.  However, Garner has already surprised us by producing the beautiful abstracts in this litter.  The genetics of abstracts is not well known.  Garner has a great personality, and is very affectionate .  For some reason he seems to like women better than men.
Winterberry Kennels

Our Dogs
Breeding Dogs at Winterberry

River, Toy Poodle, Apricot Tuxedo with brown nose
Our Breeding stock at Winterberry was carefully selected to yield healthy puppies with good personalities.  We breed for color and size, which requires a large number of male dogs.  Each male is kept in his own enclosure with his harem of females.  We have attempted to list `the dogs below by color and to a lesser extent by size.
All  puppies come with AKC  puppy registration papers and health guarantee.  Poodles have had their tails docked and dewclaws removed.   Puppies  are current on their de-worming (Panacure every two weeks) and will get their first vaccination when they are 6 weeks old. 
You can hold a puppy for $400.00.  If you are interested, please give us a call at 706-538-1003 (not a toll in Atlanta Area, do not dial 1),  (678) 836-6315 (cell phone, or email us at
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