Red Poodles:    
Peaches Peaches is a small miniature of about 8 lbs.  She is an apricot cream color, but was a beautiful peach-red when she was young.  She has a short face which she passes to her puppies.  Peaches stays in my office with me, and loves to play with a ball.  Her mother was cafe-au-lait, and her father was red.  So far she has had apricot, cream, and red  pups.
Litter With Willie Litter With OjibooLitter With Riley
Riley and his pup Riley Riley is one of our pups that came from Red Head Willie and Buttercup.  He is a rich red color with very long legs.  He goes to the kennel with me to feed the other dogs and runs with joy.  He is a small miniature poodle with red genes on both sides. 
Red Head Willie Red Head Willie Willie is our other red male.  His name is a misnomer as his head has a white spot, not red. He has fathered some wonderful red puppies with Butter Cup (retired) and apricot puppies with Peaches.  He also produces beautiful red sable pups with Lady Deidre.  He is a French Poodle with dusty red, corded hair.  He is a small miniature.
Apricot/Cream Poodles:
Toklas Toklas is a small cream female.  She produces small puppies with Mighty Moe.  Toklas is a  CKC registered, toy poodle.  She is an apricot cream color that has faded to almost pure white.  She is a large toy of about 7 lbs.  She has a good personality and is very protective of her puppies.  She is larger than Mighty Moe, but still a good size for a toy poodle.
Litter with Mighty Moe
Mighty Moe Mighty Moe is the smallest male we have and tries hard to be 6 lbs.  His name fits him perfectly.  He produces large litters with small puppies.   He has very long legs and a sweet, but playful nature.  He is a light cream color, which is where the color comes from in his puppies.  He has faded to almost white, and so will the puppies.  His face is dirty in this picture. 
River River is a toy poodle of about 7 lbs.  Her color is tan cream with extensive white markings.  (we now call this white cap as we have seen it in several poodle litters).  She has a brown nose, so is actually a brown dog.   She produces small puppies is bred to Mighty Moe.
Litter with Mighty Moe
Lady Deidre Lady Deidre a  CKC registered Miniature Poodle.  I say miniature, she has short legs and might slip in as a toy, but has the size and weight of a miniature poodle.   She was born a Sable Poodle  with black tips to her hairs, but has faded with age to a cream.  You can still see traces of the sable coloring in her ears, probably because she carries the mask gene.  Her pedigree lists several silver poodles, but I imagine some of those must be sables.  Deidre is very friendly and affectionate.   We have found that some of our customers prefer the short legs, and she has the shortest legs of all our poodles. 
Litter with Willie.Litter with Willie Litter with Willie Litter with Cocobean
Itsy Bitsy Itsy Bitsy is a toy poodle of about 8 lbs (short legs).  She is a very light cream color, with darker ears.  She has short legs and a short face.  Itsy is a quiet dog that likes attention.  She loves the outdoors and in the past, has trained her pups to use the dog door so they can stay outside with her.  She was still nursing in the picture.
Litter with Cocobean
Silver Poodles: 
Queen Isis Queen Isis is a silver colored, small miniature poodle.  She a sweet lady with lots of energy.  She carries the parti gene and has produced some beautiful parti pups with Lord Ojibo. 
Last Litter First Litter
  Gi Gi Isabella  Gi Gi is a toy, silver poodle.  She is one of the best silver-colored poodles I have seen.  Actually she is a silver and white phantom poodle, but it is so subtle that you have to look twice to see the white markings.  She came to us from O'Keeffe (silver beige) and Van Gogh (silver).  The picture does not do her justice as she had just been groomed.  She just had her first litter with Fitz.  She may carry the parti gene from her mother (50% chance).
Last Litter
Van Gogh  Van Gogh  Van Gogh is a toy, silver poodle.  He is a small guy with lots of spunk.  He is brown factored.  He came with  O'Keeffe from Diane Easterwood, but he has shown his merit as a sire here at Winterberry.  Phantom factored.  Van Gogh was recently sold to a couple in Griffin, GA and enjoys life as a house dog.
Brandy Brandy s a  CKC registered Miniature Poodle.  She is a good rich chocolate color, but not as dark as Big Sister.  She has faded to a beautiful light shade of brown.  Her puppies all seem to be a darker shade.  She is smaller than her mother with shorter legs and a stockier build.  She is very sweet and loves attention.  She is also very intelligent.  She basically learned house manners on her own when we put her in the house to have puppies.  She has been a very attentive mother.   There is more information about Brandy on the Sisters Page.
Litter with Mr. Jinx
Cocobean This is Cocobean (we call him Coco).  He is a small miniature (oversize toy) with a lot of spunk.  He takes his role of sire very seriously.  For a kennel dog, he is very friendly.  One of our more intelligent dogs.  We have assumed that Coco is simply a chocolate poodle, but he has a dark patch on his back.  Come to think of it, this is a telltale sign of a brindle.  Since I did not see this dog as a puppy, he could be a stealth brindle.  The bindle markings tend to vanish on grooming (the dark tips to the hairs are cut off).  He produces brindle puppies with regularity.   He clearly has more than just brown genes as he has produced a cream and a sable in his litter with Deidre. 
Mr. Jinx Mr. Jinx is a medium brown poodle, registered CKC.  He is an active dog with an excellent personality.  He is very friendly.  He is a bit unusual in that he has almond eyes instead of brown.  He is one our most intelligent dogs we have with a wonderful, sweet personality.  He is very German with strong bones and a stocky build.  The picture does not do him justice, as he just returned from the groomer. There is more information about Mr. Jinx on the Sisters Page.
Silver Beige: 
Cocoa (Taco)  Cocoa (Taco)  Cocoa or as we call her, Taco, is a small miniature poodle with a wonderful silver beige coat.  She is related to Muffin and Brandy, but she is built quite differently.  This is one laid back poodle - bliss is a never ending tummy rub.  Taco has been retired.
Last Litter
  Sassafras Sassy is a new toy poodle for us.  She has a good shape and a sweet personality.  She stays with Betty in the house.
  Arlo Arlo is a new boy for us.  We hope to use him to replace Cocobean.  He is a dark chocolate, but a a leggy to be a toy.
Parti Poodles:
Lord Ojiboo Lord Ojiboo is a black and white parti poodle.  He is just over 10 inches, so he is almost a toy.  Brown factored and the sire of most of our parti poodles (litters with Isis, Callie, Windy, and Lillie).
Lady Lillian Lady Lillian is a black and white parti poodle.   She is a small miniature.  Brown factored.  She has developed some black flecking in her coat - this is common in parti poodles.  She has long legs and a slender body making her very athletic.  This is a sweet dog who loves to get and give attention.  She loves children.
Last Litter
Fitz Fitz (CKC registered him Fritz - it is a nickname for Fitzgerald) is a brown and white parti poodle.  He is the other parti male.  He produces small puppies for us (litters with O'Keeffe, Itsy, Misty, and now Sassy).
Black Poodles:
Ebony Ebony is a non-fading black poodle.   She was injured as a puppy (not on my watch) and has a deformed front leg (her right leg in the picture), but seems to get around just fine.  Ebony and Cocobean became very attached to each other - poodles do form strong relationships.     She is a very protective mother.  Her main claim to fame is that she produces non-fading puppies in rich tones of black and brown.  We still have Ebony, but she is retired.
Last Litter
Callie Callie is Windy's half sister (same Parti Sire, but different mother).  She is pitch black and does not fade with age. Frankly, she has the best black coat I have ever seen on a poodle, but because she is pitch black, she is almost impossible to photograph.  I had to lighten the photograph below or her features would vanish.  She has a very gentle personality that she passes to her puppies.  She has proved to be an excellent mother.  She loves to be held.  She is very tolerant of her puppies, but strict when she needs to be,  She is also very protective of her puppies and guards the back porch diligently.
Last Litter
Windy Windy ( I need a better picture) is a blue poodle.  Blue dogs are a faded black which is almost grey.  They are born blue, that is they do not fade with age.  Windy has a white mis-mark on her chest and belly which she has passed to three of her offspring.  These markings are fairly common in poodles.  Windy is very sweet, somewhat shy, and quiet.  She is proving to be an excellent mother.  The puppies are in a corner of my bedroom, and I almost never hear them cry. 
Last Litter
  Priscilla Priscilla is a small miniature poodle in the French style (long legs and small bones).  She is a faded black color with brown tints to her hair.  She has gray markings on her chin and face.  This is a wonderfully sweet dog and a great mother.  She came to us pregnant so I do not have a picture of her yet.  She has some mammary cancers, so I retired her.
Last Litter
Bichon Frise
Mollie Mollie   CKC registered Bichon Frise.  She is about 10 lbs, so is small for a Bichon.  Mollie is our first Bichon Frise, and it has been instant love.  She is the consummate lap dog.  She will sit with us for hours, and almost never complains.  It is a rare event when she barks or growls.  She has a way of getting what she wants.  She sneaks into the house off the back porch and then makes herself invisible so that no one will notice.    She has been an excellent mother.  You might note that she is not groomed in the traditional way for Bichon Frises. 
Last LitterPups from Earlier Litter2009  Litter
Misty Misty is our youngest Bichon Frise.  Like Mollie, she is small, but her personality is completely different.  She is very independent.  However, she is an excellent mother who was very attached to her puppies.  Your may note that she has a parti gene. 
Last Litter
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Prissy Prissy Prissy is a  CKC registered, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  She is a well marked Blenheim.  She is parti colored.  This is a sweet dog with a tail that never stops.  She like everyone, but does not like dark shadows at night (I walk her every night).  A good mother.
Litter with Royal Pride
  Patchwork Henry  
Missy Missy (registered Vixen) is a  AKC registered, Papillon.  She is a black and white parti colored with red (sable) phantom markings in her face.  She is a small, intelligent animal, and a good mother to her three pups.  She loves to visit the bedroom at night and get her tummy rubbed. 
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Breeding Dogs at Winterberry

River, Toy Poodle, Apricot Tuxedo with brown nose
Our Breeding stock at Winterberry was carefully selected to yield healthy puppies with good personalities.  We breed for color and size, which requires a large number of male dogs.  Each male is kept in his own enclosure with his harem of females.  We have attempted to list `the dogs below by color and to a lesser extent by size.
All  puppies come with AKC or CKC puppy registration papers and health guarantee.  Poodles have had their tails docked and dewclaws removed, other breed keep their tails.    Puppies  are current on their de-worming (Panacure every two weeks) and will get their first vaccination when they are 6 weeks old. 
You can hold a puppy for $150.00.  If you are interested, please give us a call at 706-538-1003 (not a toll in Atlanta Area, do not dial 1),  (678) 836-6315 (cell phone, or email us at
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